Building Walls and Dissolving Borders

By ,
  • Full Title : Building Walls and Dissolving Borders
  • Author : ,
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1317170806
  • Pages : 218
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Walls play multiple social, political, economic and cultural roles and are linked to the fundamental question of how human beings live together. Globalization and urbanization have created high population density, rapid migration, growing poverty, income inequality and frequent discontent and conflict among heterogeneous populations. The writers in this volume explore how walls are changing in this era, when social containers have become porous, proximity has been redefined, circulation has intensified and the state as a way of organizing political life is being questioned. The authors analyze how walls articulate with other social boundaries to address feelings of vulnerability and anxiety and how they embody governmental processes, public and social contestation, fears and notions of identity and alterity. This book’s authors explore walls as the consequence of a changing web of social relationships. Whether walls are physical objects on the landscape or metaphors for difference among specific groups or communities, the writers consider them as heterotopias, powerful sites around which ways of living together are contested and transformed. They also investigate how architectural planning concerning walls may de facto become a means of waging war, as well as how demolishing walls may give way to new ways of imagining security.


Borders and Border Walls

By Andréanne Bissonnette,Élisabeth Vallet
  • Full Title : Borders and Border Walls
  • Author : Andréanne Bissonnette,Élisabeth Vallet
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1000191036
  • Pages : 216
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This book addresses the recent evolution of borderlines around the world as an attempt to control transnational movements with a view to securitization of borders rooted in the need to control mobility and preserve national identities. This book moves beyond physical borders and studies new manifestations of borders such as technological and symbolic walls. It brings together scholars from various academic fields such as geography, political science and Border Studies to examine the various movements, functions and articulations of international borders. It explores two main issues: How international borders have become enforced lines of demarcation and division, reinforcing national identity and impacting national and regional dynamics; and the material and immaterial, discursive and concrete expressions of borders and the impacts of the transformation of bodies into threat to be monitored, as daily lives become sites of border enforcement. Offering multidisciplinary insights on the growing phenomenon of border walls, this book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Border Studies, European Studies, International Relations, Political Geography, and Regional Studies.


Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders

By Raquel Vega-Durán
  • Full Title : Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders
  • Author : Raquel Vega-Durán
  • Publisher : Bucknell University Press
  • ISBN Code : 1611487412
  • Pages : 300
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders: Migrants, Transnational Encounters, and Identity in Spain offers a new approach to the cultural history of contemporary Spain, examining the ways in which Spain’s own self-conceptions are changing and multiplying in response to migrants from Latin America and Africa. In the last twenty-five years, Spain has gone from being a country of net emigration to one in which immigrants make up nearly 12 percent of the population. This rapid growth has made migrants increasingly visible in both mass media and in Spanish visual and literary culture. This book examines the origins of media discourses on immigration and takes the analysis of contemporary Spanish culture as its primary framework, while also drawing insights from sociology and history. Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders introduces readers to a wide range of recent films, journals, novels, photography, paintings, and music to reconsider contemporary Spain through its varied encounters with migrants. It follows the stages of the migrant’s own journey, beginning outside Spanish territory, continuing across the border (either at the barbed-wire fences of Ceuta and Melilla or the waters of the Atlantic or the Strait of Gibraltar), and then considers what happens to migrants after they arrive and settle in Spain. Each chapter analyzes one of these stages in order to illustrate the complexity of contemporary Spanish identity. This examination of Spanish culture shows how Spain is evolving into a new space of imagination, one that can no longer be defined without the migrant—a space in which there is no unified identity but rather a new self-understanding is being born. Vega-Durán both places Spain in a larger European context and draws attention to some of the features that, from a comparative perspective, make the Spanish case interesting and often unique. She argues that Spain cannot be understood today outside the Transatlantic and Mediterranean spaces (both real and imaginary) where Spaniards and migrants meet. Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders offers a timely study of present-day Spain, and makes an original contribution to the vibrant debates about multiculturalism and nation-formation that are taking


Sensible Politics

By William A. Callahan
  • Full Title : Sensible Politics
  • Author : William A. Callahan
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • ISBN Code : 0190071753
  • Pages : 240
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Visual images are everywhere in international politics. But how are we to understand them? In Sensible Politics, William A. Callahan uses his expertise in theory and filmmaking to explore not only what visuals mean, but also how visuals can viscerally move and connect us in "affective communities of sense." The book's rich analysis of visual images (photographs, film, art) and visual artifacts (maps, veils, walls, gardens, cyberspace) shows how critical scholarship needs to push beyond issues of identity and security to appreciate the creative politics of social-ordering and world-ordering. Here "sensible politics" isn't just sensory, but looks beyond icons and ideology to the affective politics of everyday life. It challenges our Eurocentric understanding of international politics by exploring the meaning and impact of visuals from Asia and the Middle East. Sensible Politics offers a unique approach to politics that allows us to not only think visually, but also feel visually-and creatively act visually for a multisensory appreciation of politics.


The Design of Frontier Spaces

By Carolyn Loeb,Andreas Luescher
  • Full Title : The Design of Frontier Spaces
  • Author : Carolyn Loeb,Andreas Luescher
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1317036077
  • Pages : 268
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

In a globalizing world, frontiers may be in flux but they remain as significant as ever. New borders are established even as old borders are erased. Beyond lines on maps, however, borders are spatial zones in which distinctive architectural, graphic, and other design elements are deployed to signal the nature of the space and to guide, if not actually control, behaviour and social relations within it. This volume unpacks how manipulations of space and design in frontier zones, historically as well as today, set the stage for specific kinds of interactions and convey meanings about these sites and the experiences they embody. Frontier zones organize an array of functions to facilitate the passage of goods, information, and people, and to define and control access. Bringing together studies from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, this collection of essays casts a wide net to consider borders of diverse sorts. Investigations of contemporary political frontiers are set within the context of examinations of historical borders, borders that have existed within cities, and virtual borders. This range allows for reflection on shifts in how frontier zones are articulated and the impermanence of border emplacements, as well as on likely scenarios for future frontiers. This text is unique in bringing together a number of scholarly perspectives in the arts and humanities to examine how spatial and architectural design decisions convey meaning, shape or abet specific social practices, and stage memories of frontier zones that no longer function as such. It joins and expands discussions in social science disciplines, in which considerations of border practices tend to overlook the role of built form and material culture more broadly in representing social practices and meanings.


Ethnographies of Movement, Sociality and Space

By Milena Komarova,Maruška Svašek
  • Full Title : Ethnographies of Movement, Sociality and Space
  • Author : Milena Komarova,Maruška Svašek
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • ISBN Code : 1785339389
  • Pages : 310
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Exploring the complex dynamics of twenty-first century spatial sociality, this volume provides a much-needed multi-dimensional perspective that undermines the dominant image of Northern Ireland as a conflict-ridden place. Despite touching on memories of “the Troubles” and continuing unionist-nationalist tensions, the volume refuses to consider people in the region as purely political beings, or to understand processes of placemaking solely through ethnic or national contestations and territoriality. Topics such as the significance of friendship, gender, and popular culture in spatial practices are considered, against the backdrop of the growing presence of migrants, refugees and diasporic groups.


The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics

By Nevzat Soguk,Scott G Nelson
  • Full Title : The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics
  • Author : Nevzat Soguk,Scott G Nelson
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 131719585X
  • Pages : 478
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Deliberately eschewing disciplinary and temporal boundaries, this volume makes a major contribution to the de-traditionalization of political thinking within the discourses of international relations. Collecting the works of twenty-five theorists, this Ashgate Research Companion engages some of the most pressing aspects of political thinking in world politics today. The authors explore theoretical constitutions, critiques, and affirmations of uniquely modern forms of power, past and present. Among the themes and dynamics examined are textual appropriation and representation, materiality and capital formation, geopolitical dimensions of ecological crises, connections between representations of violence and securitization, subjectivity and genderization, counter-globalization politics, constructivism, biopolitics, post-colonial politics and theory, as well as the political prospects of emerging civic and cosmopolitan orders in a time of national, religious, and secular polarization. Radically different in their approaches, the authors critically assess the discourses of IR as interpretive frames that are indebted to the historical formation of concepts, and to particular negotiations of power that inform the main methodological practices usually granted primacy in the field. Students as well as seasoned scholars seeking to challenge accepted theoretical frameworks will find in these chapters fresh insights into contemporary world-political problems and new resources for their critical interrogation.


Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism

By Dallen J. Timothy
  • Full Title : Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism
  • Author : Dallen J. Timothy
  • Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • ISBN Code : 1786431297
  • Pages : 360
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Globalization entails the world becoming a smaller place through political, socio-cultural and economic processes. These processes have salient implications for tourism, and tourism itself is one of the driving forces behind globalization. This book is a collection of conceptual treatises by international scholars about the dynamics and reach of globalization and its relationships with tourism. It anatomizes and deconstructs the global forces, processes and challenges that face the world of tourism. It is international in scope, encyclopedic in its conceptual depth, empirically evocative, and contemporary in its coverage.


The Berlin Wall and the Intra-German Border 1961-89

By Gordon L. Rottman
  • Full Title : The Berlin Wall and the Intra-German Border 1961-89
  • Author : Gordon L. Rottman
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • ISBN Code : 1849080682
  • Pages : 64
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

The border between East and West Germany was closed on 26 May 1953. On 13 August 1961 crude fences and walls were erected around West Berlin: the Berlin Wall had been created. The Wall encircled West Berlin for a distance of 155km, and its barriers and surveillance systems evolved over the years into an advanced obstacle network. The Intra-German Border ran from the Baltic Sea to the Czechoslovak border for 1,381km, and was where NATO forces faced the Warsaw Pact for the 45 years of the Cold War. This book examines the international situation that led to the establishment of the Berlin Wall and the IGB, and discusses how these barrier systems were operated, and finally fell.


Crossing Borders, Dissolving Boundaries

By Hein Viljoen
  • Full Title : Crossing Borders, Dissolving Boundaries
  • Author : Hein Viljoen
  • Publisher : Rodopi
  • ISBN Code : 9401209081
  • Pages : 282
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Borders separate but also connect self and other, and literary texts not only enact these bordering processes, but form part of such processes. This book gestures towards a borderless world, stepping, as it were, with thousand-mile boots from south to north (even across the Atlantic), from South Africa to Scandinavia. It also shows how literary texts model and remodel borders and bordering processes in rich and meaningful local contexts. The essays assembled here analyse the crossing and negotiation of borders and boundaries in works by Nadine Gordimer, Ingrid Winterbach, Deneys Reitz, Janet Suzman, Marlene van Niekerk, A.S. Byatt, Thomas Harris, Frank A. Jenssen, Eben Venter, Antjie Krog, and others under different signs or conceptual points of attraction. These signs include a spiritual turn, eventfulness, self-understanding, ethnic and linguistic mobilization, performative chronotopes, the grotesque, the carceral, the rhetorical, and the interstitial. Contributors: Ileana Dimitriu, Heilna du Plooy, John Gouws, Anne Heith, Lida Krüger, Susan Meyer, Adéle Nel, Ellen Rees, Johan Schimanski, Tony Ullyatt, Phil van Schalkwyk, Hein Viljoen.


Inventing the Cloud Century

By Marcus Oppitz,Peter Tomsu
  • Full Title : Inventing the Cloud Century
  • Author : Marcus Oppitz,Peter Tomsu
  • Publisher : Springer
  • ISBN Code : 3319611615
  • Pages : 609
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This book combines the three dimensions of technology, society and economy to explore the advent of today’s cloud ecosystems as successors to older service ecosystems based on networks. Further, it describes the shifting of services to the cloud as a long-term trend that is still progressing rapidly.The book adopts a comprehensive perspective on the key success factors for the technology – compelling business models and ecosystems including private, public and national organizations. The authors explore the evolution of service ecosystems, describe the similarities and differences, and analyze the way they have created and changed industries. Lastly, based on the current status of cloud computing and related technologies like virtualization, the internet of things, fog computing, big data and analytics, cognitive computing and blockchain, the authors provide a revealing outlook on the possibilities of future technologies, the future of the internet, and the potential impacts on business and society.


Walls, Borders, Boundaries

By Marc Silberman,Karen E. Till,Janet Ward
  • Full Title : Walls, Borders, Boundaries
  • Author : Marc Silberman,Karen E. Till,Janet Ward
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • ISBN Code : 0857455052
  • Pages : 282
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

How is it that walls, borders, boundaries-and their material and symbolic architectures of division and exclusion-engender their very opposite? This edited volume explores the crossings, permeations, and constructions of cultural and political borders between peoples and territories, examining how walls, borders, and boundaries signify both interdependence and contact within sites of conflict and separation. Topics addressed range from the geopolitics of Europe's historical and contemporary city walls to conceptual reflections on the intersection of human rights and separating walls, the memory politics generated in historically disputed border areas, theatrical explorations of border crossings, and the mapping of boundaries within migrant communities.


Religion, Space, and the Environment

By Sigurd Bergmann
  • Full Title : Religion, Space, and the Environment
  • Author : Sigurd Bergmann
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1351493663
  • Pages : 498
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Religions often nurture important skills that help believers locate themselves in the world. Religious perceptions, practices, emotions, and beliefs are closely interwoven with the environments from which they emerge. Sigurd Bergmann's driving emphasis here is to explore religion not in relation to, but as a part of the spatiality and movement within the environment from which it arises and is nurtured.Religion, Space, and the Environment emerges from the author's experiences in different places and continents over the past decade. At the book's heart lie the questions of how space, place, and religion amalgamate and how lived space and lived religion influence each other.Bergmann explores how religion and the memory of our past impact our lives in urban spaces; how the sacred geographies in Mayan and northeast Asian lands compare to modern eco-spirituality; and how human images and practices of moving in, with, and through the land are interwoven with the processes of colonization and sacralising, and the practices of power and visions of the sacred, among other topics.


Build Bridges, Not Walls

By Todd Miller
  • Full Title : Build Bridges, Not Walls
  • Author : Todd Miller
  • Publisher : City Lights Books
  • ISBN Code : 0872868362
  • Pages : N.A
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

In personal stories from twenty years of activism and reporting, an award-winning journalist calls on readers to imagine a world without borders. "Todd Miller cuts through the facile media myths and escapes the paralyzing constraints of a political 'debate' that functions mainly to obscure the unconscionable inequalities that borders everywhere secure. In its soulfulness, its profound moral imagination, and its vision of radical solidarity, Todd Miller’s work is as indispensable as the love that so palpably guides it."—Ben Ehrenreich, author of Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time "The stories of the humble people of the earth Miller documents ask us to also tear down the walls in our hearts and in our heads. What proliferates in the absence of these walls and in spite of them, Miller writes, is the natural state of things centered on kindness and compassion."—Nick Estes, author of Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance By the time Todd Miller spots him, Juan Carlos has been wandering alone in a remote border region for days. Parched, hungry and disoriented, he approaches and asks for a ride. Miller's instinct is to oblige, but he hesitates: Furthering an unauthorized person’s entrance into the U.S. is a federal crime. Todd Miller has been reporting from international border zones for over twenty-five years. In Build Bridges, Not Walls, he invites readers to join him on a journey that begins with the most basic of questions: What happens to our collective humanity when the impulse to help one another is criminalized? A series of encounters—with climate refugees, members of indigenous communities, border authorities, modern-day abolitionists, scholars, visionaries, and the shape-shifting imagination of his four-year-old son—provoke a series of reflections on the ways in which nation-states create the problems that drive immigration, and how the abolition of borders could make the world a more sustainable, habitable place for all. Is it possible to imagine a borderless world? How could it emerge, and how might it be better equipped to solve the global emergencies that threaten our collective survival? Build Bridges, Not Walls is an inspiring, impassioned call to envision—and work toward—a bold new reality. Praise for Build Bridges, Not Walls: "Todd Miller’s deeply reported, empathetic writing on the American border is some of the most essential journalism being done today."—Adam Conover, creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything and host of Factually! "All of Todd Miller's work is essential reading, but Build Bridges, Not Walls is his most compelling, insightful work yet."—Dean Spade, author of Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crises (And the Next) "Miller calls us to see how borders subject millions of people to violence, dehumanization, and early death. More importantly, he highlights the urgent necessity to abolish not only borders, but the nation-state itself."—A. Naomi Paik, author of Bans, Walls Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding U.S. Immigration for the Twenty-First Century and Rightlessness: Testimony and Redress in U.S. Prison Camps Since World War II "Miller's latest book is a personal, wide-ranging, and impassioned call for abolishing borders."—John Washington, author of The Dispossessed: A Story of Asylum and the US-Mexican Border and Beyond


The Age of Unpeace

By Mark Leonard
  • Full Title : The Age of Unpeace
  • Author : Mark Leonard
  • Publisher : Random House
  • ISBN Code : 1473590434
  • Pages : 240
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

'Compulsively readable... An essential course in geopolitical self-help' - Adam Tooze 'Full of fresh - and often surprising - ideas' - Niall Ferguson 'Extraordinary... One of those rare books that defines the terms of our conversation about our times' - Michael Ignatieff We thought connecting the world would bring lasting peace. Instead, it is driving us apart. In the three decades since the end of the Cold War, global leaders have been integrating the world's economy, transport and communications, breaking down borders in the hope of making war impossible. In doing so, they have unwittingly created a formidable arsenal of weapons for new kinds of conflict and the motivation to keep fighting. Rising tensions in global politics are not a bump in the road - they are part of the paving. Troublingly, we are now seeing rising conflict at every level, from individuals on social media all the way up to nation-states in entrenched stand-offs. The past decade has seen a new antagonism between the US and China; an inability to co-operate on global issues such as climate change or pandemic response; and a breakdown in the distinction between war and peace, as overseas troops are replaced by sanctions, cyberwar, and the threat of large migrant flows. As a leading authority on international relations, Mark Leonard has been inside many of the rooms where our futures, at every level of society, are being decided - from the Facebook HQ and facial recognition labs in China to meetings in presidential palaces and at remote military installations. In seeking to understand the ways that globalisation has broken its fundamental promise to make our world safer and more prosperous, Leonard explores how we might wrest a more hopeful future from an age of unpeace.


Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making

By Chiara Brambilla,Jussi Laine,Gianluca Bocchi
  • Full Title : Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making
  • Author : Chiara Brambilla,Jussi Laine,Gianluca Bocchi
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1317173058
  • Pages : 280
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Using the borderscapes concept, this book offers an approach to border studies that expresses the multilevel complexity of borders, from the geopolitical to social practice and cultural production at and across the border. Accordingly, it encourages a productive understanding of the processual, de-territorialized and dispersed nature of borders and their ensuring regimes in the era of globalization and transnational flows as well as showcasing border research as an interdisciplinary field with its own academic standing. Contemporary bordering processes and practices are examined through the borderscapes lens to uncover important connections between borders as a ’challenge' to national (and EU) policies and borders as potential elements of political innovation through conceptual (re-)framings of social, political, economic and cultural spaces. The authors offer a nuanced and critical re-reading and understanding of the border not as an entity to be taken for granted, but as a place of investigation and as a resource in terms of the construction of novel (geo)political imaginations, social and spatial imaginaries and cultural images. In so doing, they suggest that rethinking borders means deconstructing the interweaving between political practices of inclusion-exclusion and the images created to support and communicate them on the cultural level by Western territorialist modernity. The result is a book that proposes a wandering through a constellation of bordering policies, discourses, practices and images to open new possibilities for thinking, mapping, acting and living borders under contemporary globalization.


Beyond Borders

By Timothy J. Henderson
  • Full Title : Beyond Borders
  • Author : Timothy J. Henderson
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • ISBN Code : 9781444394955
  • Pages : 200
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Beyond Borders: A History of Mexican Migration to the United States details the origins and evolution of the movement of people from Mexico into the United States from the first significant flow across the border at the turn of the twentieth century up to the present day. Considers the issues from the perspectives of both the United States and Mexico Offers a reasoned assessment of the factors that drive Mexican immigration, explains why so many of the policies enacted in Washington have only worsened the problem, and suggests what policy options might prove more effective Argues that the problem of Mexican immigration can only be solved if Mexico and the United States work together to reduce the disequilibrium that propels Mexican immigrants to the United States


Mapping the Past: From Sampling Sites and Landscapes to Exploring the ‘Archaeological Continuum’

By Michel Dabas,Stefano Campana,Apostolos Sarris
  • Full Title : Mapping the Past: From Sampling Sites and Landscapes to Exploring the ‘Archaeological Continuum’
  • Author : Michel Dabas,Stefano Campana,Apostolos Sarris
  • Publisher : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd
  • ISBN Code : 178969714X
  • Pages : 94
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Proceedings of Session VIII-1 of the XVIII UISPP World Congress (2018, Paris); papers reflect on the need to develop sustainable and reliable approaches to mapping our landscape heritage, guided by the crucial concept termed the ‘archaeological continuum’.


Syria: Borders, Boundaries, and the State

By Matthieu Cimino
  • Full Title : Syria: Borders, Boundaries, and the State
  • Author : Matthieu Cimino
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • ISBN Code : 3030448770
  • Pages : 296
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This book explores the history of Syria’s borders and boundaries, from their creation (1920) until the civil war (2011) and their contestation by the Islamic State or the Kurdish movement. The volume’s main objective is to reconsider the “artificial” character of the Syrian territory and to reveal the processes by which its borders were shaped and eventually internalized by the country’s main actors. Based on extensive archival research, the book first documents the creation and stabilization of Syrian borders before and during the mandates period (nineteenth century to 1946), studying Ottoman and French territorialization strategies but also emphasizing the key role of the borderlands in this process. In turn, it investigates the perceptual boundaries resulting from the conflict, and how they materialized in space. Lastly, it explores the geographical and political imaginaries of non-state actors (PYD, ISIS) that emerged from the war.


Maps and Monsters in Medieval England

By Asa Mittman
  • Full Title : Maps and Monsters in Medieval England
  • Author : Asa Mittman
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • ISBN Code : 1135501114
  • Pages : 292
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.