How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Japanese Motorcycles

  • Full Title : How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Japanese Motorcycles
  • Author :
  • Publisher : Motorbooks
  • ISBN Code : 1627887032
  • Pages : 240
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Everything you need to know to restore or customize your classic Japanese motorcycle. Whether you want to correctly restore a classic Japanese motorcycle or create a modified, custom build, you need the right information about how to perform the mechanical and cosmetic tasks required to get an old, frequently neglected, and often long-unridden machine back in working order. How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Japanese Motorcycles is your thorough, hands-on manual, covering all the mechanical subsystems that make up a motorcycle. From finding a bike to planning your project to dealing with each mechanical system, How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Japanese Motorcycles includes everything you need to know to get your classic back on the road. Japanese motorcycles have been the best-selling bikes in the world since the mid-1960s, driven by the "big four": Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Of course certain bikes have always had a following - Honda CB750, 305 Hawk, CB400-4, Benly; Suzuki GT750, Katana, GS1000S; Yamaha XS650, RD400 Daytona, TZ; Kawaski H1, H2, Z1R - and these have now become the blue-chip Japanese bikes leading collectors to seek out more common (and now more affordable) alternatives. This is the perfect book for anyone interested in classic Japanese motorcycles, as well as prepping a bike to build a cafe racer, street tracker, or other custom build.


Lights Out, Full Throttle

By Damon Hill,Johnny Herbert
  • Full Title : Lights Out, Full Throttle
  • Author : Damon Hill,Johnny Herbert
  • Publisher : Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN Code : 1529040019
  • Pages : N.A
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Calling all petrolheads, Lights Out, Full Throttle is the riotously funny tour through the best, worst and downright outrageous of F1. Johnny and Damon have become the one constant for passionate British F1 fans in a rapidly changing landscape. They have earned cult status as commentators and pundits, with viewers loving their unerring dedication to the sport’s greatness. From Monaco to Silverstone – discussing Johnny’s crowdsurfing and Bernie’s burger bar, the genius of Adrian Newey and Colin Chapman, what it’s like to have an out-of-body experience while driving a car in the pouring rain at 200 mph, and the future of the sport in the wake of a tumultuous year – Johnny and Damon assess the good, the bad and the ugly of the F1 enthusiast’s paradise. Whether you’re a fan of Nigel, Niki, Kimi or Britney, pine for the glory days of Brabham, Williams, Jim Clark and Fangio, or believe that Lewis Hamilton will retire as the GOAT, Lights Out, Full Throttle gets you to the front of the grid without the inconvenience of having to leave your seat.


Vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group 1940–45

By Gavin Mortimer
  • Full Title : Vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group 1940–45
  • Author : Gavin Mortimer
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • ISBN Code : 1472842138
  • Pages : 48
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

The Long Range Desert Group was one of the most famous special units of World War II, operating heavily modified vehicles deep behind enemy lines to gather intelligence and support the raids of David Stirling's new Special Air Service. When war broke out, a pre-war explorer and army officer, Ralph Bagnold, convinced Middle East Command of the need for a reconnaissance force to penetrate into Italian-held desert. Bagnold tested four types of vehicles over rocks and through soft sand to find the best one for his new unit. Bagnold selected the Chevrolet WB (30 CWT) as the signature vehicle of the Long Range Desert Group because it is "fast, simple and easy to handle". With left-hand steering, horizontal grill and round fenders on the rear wheels, these trucks proved themselves popular and effective. The durability of the Chevrolets was demonstrated in January 1941 with an audacious raid on the Italian fort/air strip at Murzuk, hundreds of miles behind enemy lines. This book explains the detail of all the vehicles of the LRDG, as well as their modifications, driving techniques, and special kit for surviving behind enemy lines in one of the most hostile environments on earth.


Drawing and Painting the Landscape

By Philip Tyler
  • Full Title : Drawing and Painting the Landscape
  • Author : Philip Tyler
  • Publisher : The Crowood Press
  • ISBN Code : 1785003259
  • Pages : 208
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Capturing the landscape on paper requires the artist to look - to look deep into the distance and deep into the soul. This practical book celebrates the genre of landscape painting - the wonder of discovering the extraordinary in the everyday scene. Philip Tyler looks in detail at the materials, techniques and approaches needed to paint the landscape, and offers advice on how to portray space, light, atmosphere and different weather conditions. Supported by the words and images of other notable artists, he explains how to transfer one's emotional response to the landscape onto paper or canvas. There are exercises to support the 50 lessons in the book and over 300 colour images illustrate the text.



By Michael J. Winters II
  • Full Title : LOST AND FOUND
  • Author : Michael J. Winters II
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • ISBN Code : 9781477262016
  • Pages : 262
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

In the long fought unseen battle between good and evil; there have been soldiers on both sides fighting to gain the upper hand. Michael D’angelo; a unique mortal / angel hybrid and his unusual yet extraordinary group of friends fight to restore or tip the balance of good and evil back in goods favor. As anyone with half a brain can tell you; the last century has been mainly been dominated by evil’s influence. Today; Michael woke up with amnesia. While baffled with the task of learning who he is and who he can trust to teach him; people from both sides show up with opposite answers to that very question. He also as to relearn his forgotten angelic abilities before his weakened state gets him killed. After realizing who his real friends are and that his memories weren’t lost but stolen. They set off on an exciting and strange search for who stole his memory and why. Meanwhile the underground [the side of evil] is relentlessly trying to convince him to switch sides; using any means necessary; such as persuasion, intimidation, offering a deal of a lifetime, and finally kidnapping his new love. It all leads up to an all out good verses evil battle royal while he is forced to make a decision no one should have to make. Are you ready for a new kind of hero?


Forging - Manual of Practical Instruction in Hand Forging of Wrought Iron, Machine Steel and Tool Steel; Drop Forging; and Heat Treatment of Steel, Including Annealing, Hardening and Tempering

By John Jernberg
  • Full Title : Forging - Manual of Practical Instruction in Hand Forging of Wrought Iron, Machine Steel and Tool Steel; Drop Forging; and Heat Treatment of Steel, Including Annealing, Hardening and Tempering
  • Author : John Jernberg
  • Publisher : Read Books Ltd
  • ISBN Code : 1473351987
  • Pages : 154
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This antique text contains a manual of practical instruction in hand forging of wrought iron, machine steel, and tool steel, as well as drop forging and heat treatment of steel - including annealing, hardening, and tempering. The author of this article has had many years of experience, not only in practical work but also in the field of instruction, and therefore the information which he has given should be doubly valuable to those interested. Clear and concise, this text will not only be of considerable value to the trained professional but also to the layman looking to gain a fundamental understanding of forging. The chapters of this text contains: Forging Materials, Heating Apparatus, Hammers, Sledges, Anvils, Tongs, Swages, Drop Hammers, Power Hammers, Presses, Bulldozers, Bold Headers, Cranes, Smith Welding... and much more. This volume was originally published in 1919, and is proudly republished now complete with a new introduction on metal work.


Structural Steel Design

By Abi O. Aghayere,Jason Vigil
  • Full Title : Structural Steel Design
  • Author : Abi O. Aghayere,Jason Vigil
  • Publisher : Stylus Publishing, LLC
  • ISBN Code : 1683923685
  • Pages : 900
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Structural Steel Design, Third Edition is a simple, practical, and concise guide to structural steel design – using the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) and the Allowable Strength Design (ASD) methods -- that equips the reader with the necessary skills for designing real-world structures. Civil, structural, and architectural engineering students intending to pursue careers in structural design and consulting engineering, and practicing structural engineers will find the text useful because of the holistic, project-based learning approach that bridges the gap between engineering education and professional practice. The design of each building component is presented in a way such that the reader can see how each element fits into the entire building design and construction process. Structural details and practical example exercises that realistically mirror what obtains in professional design practice are presented. Features: - Includes updated content/example exercises that conform to the current codes (ASCE 7, ANSI/AISC 360-16, and IBC) - Adds coverage to ASD and examples with ASD to parallel those that are done LRFD - Follows a holistic approach to structural steel design that considers the design of individual steel framing members in the context of a complete structure.


Forging - Instruction Paper

By John Lord Bacon
  • Full Title : Forging - Instruction Paper
  • Author : John Lord Bacon
  • Publisher : Read Books Ltd
  • ISBN Code : 1473339731
  • Pages : 110
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This vintage book contains a concise yet comprehensive guide to forging. Written in simple, plain language and profusely illustrated, this volume is highly recommended for students and novices with an interest in the intricacies of forging, welding, and manufacturing. "Forging - Instruction Paper" would make for a useful addition to collections of allied literature and is not to be missed by collectors of vintage literature of this ilk. Contents include: "Materials", "Equipment", "The Forge", "Hammers", "Sledges", "Anvils", "Tongs", "Fitting Tongs", "Set Hammers and Flatters", "Fullers", "Swage Blocks", "Other Tools", "Fuel", "Oxidizing and Reducing Fires", "Banking the Fire", "Stock", "Welding", "Sand and Borax", "Welding Compounds", "Fagot Weld", et cetera. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on blacksmithing.


The Reformation

By Heiko Oberman
  • Full Title : The Reformation
  • Author : Heiko Oberman
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • ISBN Code : 0567247341
  • Pages : 250
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

In this wide-ranging volume Heiko Oberman traces threads of continuity flowing to and through the Reformation. Many his most important studies appear here in English for the first time. Professor Oberman explores "experiential" mysticism; the "battle on two fronts" waged by the Wittenburg circle against Pierias and Eck; Luther's medieval and apocalyptical conception of reformatio and its purpose; the pre-history of "confessionalization" in the Confession of Ausburg and its "Confutatio" byt Luther's Roman opponents; Zwingli's plans for a Godly alliance in the southern Germanic ecumene and the destructive tensions between Zwingli and Luther. In the final chapter, Oberman describes a model of three long-term "Reformations" that can also be seen as revolutions: the Concillar Reformation, the City Reformation, and the Calvinist Reformation of the Refugees. The often denied and generally misunderstood "continuities" between theological directions of the later Middle Ages, the theological reformation of the early sixteenth century and subsequent developments are constantly illuminated through exacting detail and compelling insights.


Cold Warriors

By Rebecca Levene
  • Full Title : Cold Warriors
  • Author : Rebecca Levene
  • Publisher : Abaddon Books
  • ISBN Code : 1849972257
  • Pages : 320
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

"You died twenty years ago. Welcome back..." At the height of the Cold War, the British secret services formed the Hermetic Division, an agency charged with using supernatural means to defend the nation. It has only one mission: to find the mysterious Ragnarok artefacts, said to have the power to end the world. Now, two of the division's most powerful agents are sent on the trail of a corrupt Russian oligarch who may possess the artefacts. Their perilous journey will take them across Europe and into the darkest reaches of the occult!



By Laura Davis Werezak
  • Full Title : Attend
  • Author : Laura Davis Werezak
  • Publisher : FaithWords
  • ISBN Code : 1455541478
  • Pages : 240
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

A young Christian writer presents a practical guide for reconnecting with God and practicing the presence of God in our frantically busy world today. Our world is full of distractions that do not promote the health of individual souls. What can people do when they feel they have no time or ways to find God? In her new book ATTEND, Laura Davis Werezak reminds readers to encounter God through 40 brief everyday activities that they have been taking for granted, from opening a window to jotting down a dream. Modern life and technology increasingly render these activities obsolete, and readers who struggle to connect with God through "typical" devotions will discover depth in their everyday lives through each beautifully written exercise. Like the wisdom Brother Lawrence provided in his 17th century spiritual classic The Practice of the Presence of God, these daily reminders guide readers to appreciate God in our midst today.


Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 2

By James E. Brumbaugh
  • Full Title : Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 2
  • Author : James E. Brumbaugh
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • ISBN Code : 0764574361
  • Pages : 672
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Your guide to keeping the heat on Whether you're an apprentice or a veteran HVAC technician, you knowthat technology changes and you need to keep up. This fully revisedguidebook covers everything you need to know to install, maintain,and repair the components that run, regulate, and fuel both old andnew systems. From oil burners and steam line controls to the newestchip-based technology and environmental regulations, Volume 2 helpsyou keep the heat on. * Install and repair thermostats, humidistats, automatic controls,and oil or gas burner controls * Review pipes, pipe fittings, piping details, valve installation,and duct systems * Find new calculations and environmental guidelines * Learn the best ways to handle hydronics and steam linecontrols * Deal with solid fuels and understand coal firing methods * Refer to data tables with conversions, formula cross-references,and manufacturers' lists The Audel HVAC Library Vol. 1: Heating Systems, Furnaces, and Boilers Vol. 2: Heating System Components, Gas and Oil Burners, andAutomatic Controls Vol. 3: Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, and Distribution Systems



By Robert Fisher
  • Full Title : Crossroads
  • Author : Robert Fisher
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • ISBN Code : 1504921585
  • Pages : 300
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

At an early age, Alex MacMillan was taught by his mother that the journey through life would be filled with crossroads. At each of them, he must carefully look in both directions before selecting the path to take. His decisions would not always be easy. What she didnt mention was that some of his choices could lead to danger. He had to learn that the hard way. World War Two was not a conducive environment in which to make obviously correct decisions, and Alex would find more than his fair share of difficulty. Technically, he was overqualified for the mission he was given. Technically - but not mentally he had great fear of the location, and with good reason: the jungles of Malaya were occupied by more than enemy Japanese, and some of the inhabitants were decidedly deadly. Throughout his mission, the words of the intelligence officer who sent him there continually resounded in his ears: Trust no one, and never, never turn your back on anyone!


The Archaeology of Vernacular Watercraft

By Amanda M. Evans
  • Full Title : The Archaeology of Vernacular Watercraft
  • Author : Amanda M. Evans
  • Publisher : Springer
  • ISBN Code : 1493935631
  • Pages : 291
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

This volume presents multiple idiographic, archaeological studies of vernacular watercraft from North America and the Caribbean. Rather than attempt to synthesize all vernacular types, this volume focuses on ship construction data recovered through archaeological investigations that has been used to make inferences about culture. This collection of case studies, including many examples from cultural resource management and graduate student theses, presents a thematic exploration of cultural adaptation as expressed through ship construction.


Viking Warriors

By Ben Hubbard
  • Full Title : Viking Warriors
  • Author : Ben Hubbard
  • Publisher : Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
  • ISBN Code : 1502624567
  • Pages : 224
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

In Viking Warriors, the Norse invaders, as infamous for their brutality as their exploration, come to life. Students will read about raids, battles, and key fighters and leaders. Illustrations, engravings, and relics depict the Norse culture, marine and combat technology, and fighting styles that gave them the advantage in battle. Maps and diagrams demonstrate their ambitious expansion and conquest of cities and people throughout the Northern hemisphere. With their far-reaching longships and fierce tactics, the influence and violence of the Vikings spread from America to the Middle East, leaving behind traces of an iconic culture and combative strategy.


Reader's Digest Easy Fixes for Everyday Things

By Editors of Reader's Digest
  • Full Title : Reader's Digest Easy Fixes for Everyday Things
  • Author : Editors of Reader's Digest
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • ISBN Code : 1621454592
  • Pages : 256
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

SAVE MONEY, TIME, AND EFFORT repairing your household equipment Easy Fixes for Everyday Things is fresh, surprising, and honest: if something can be fixed we show you how; if it needs expert attention we say so; and if it is simply beyond hope, we tell you that, too. Maybe your smartphone fell in water or you spilled coffee on your computer keyboard. Perhaps your iron won't produce steam or your refrigerator is making an odd noise. It could be that your watch face has been scratched or the chain on your bike keeps falling off. Whatever the problem, Easy Fixes for Everyday Things has your solution. We all rely on devices, appliances and pieces of household equipment that break, misbehave or fail completely. With Easy Fixes for Everyday Things you can help yourself when disaster strikes, saving time, money and hassle (and cutting down on needless waste) simply by following a few straightforward steps. This fun yet practical book strips the mystery from repairs, enabling you to fix the seemingly unfixable and solve more than 1,000 everyday problems with phones, cameras, laptops, locks, washing machines, lawn mowers, water pipes, cars and dozens of other common household things.


The Valhalla Prophecy

By Andy McDermott
  • Full Title : The Valhalla Prophecy
  • Author : Andy McDermott
  • Publisher : Dell
  • ISBN Code : 034553705X
  • Pages : 528
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

For fans of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes a heart-stopping, globe-spanning adventure in Andy McDermott’s explosive series featuring American archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase. MYSTERIOUS RUNESTONES. AN ANCIENT VIKING MYTH. AND A PROPHECY OF LIFE OR DEATH. In a Stockholm museum, thieves steal an enormous Norse runestone, but not before killing a security guard. When Nina Wilde, head of the International Heritage Agency (IHA), and her husband, ex-mercenary Eddie Chase, arrive to investigate, they are told a chilling story: A scholar has discovered that the stone may be one of two keys to finding the mythological site of Valhalla, where the Vikings predicted the world’s final battle would begin. The second stone lies at the bottom of a Norwegian lake. But when Nina and Eddie race to the scene, they’re hit with a shocking surprise. Covert agents from around the world, including a ruthless mole in the IHA, are drawn into a lethal game, . Then a disturbing secret surfaces from Eddie’s past, involving a mission in Vietnam and a woman he tried to save. Suddenly suspicious of her own husband, Nina cannot afford to stop the perilous search for the artifact. For somewhere in a remote wilderness, two forces are about to converge: one that could save the world . . . and one that could destroy it. Praise for the novels of Andy McDermott “Raises the bar to please adventure junkies who prefer to mainline their action.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review), on The Hunt for Atlantis “A fun, action-filled James Bond/Indiana Jones-esque story.”—Geek Speak Magazine, on Return to Atlantis “Adventure stories don’t get much more epic than this.”—Daily Mirror (U.K.)


Upgrading and Repairing PCs

By Scott Mueller,Mark Edward Soper
  • Full Title : Upgrading and Repairing PCs
  • Author : Scott Mueller,Mark Edward Soper
  • Publisher : Pearson Education
  • ISBN Code : 9780132714778
  • Pages : 368
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Upgrading and Repairing PCs: Field Guide is a portable, "essentials" version of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 13th Edition - the bestselling PC hardware book of all-time. Weighing less than half a pound, this tiny book packs a hefty punch - containing the essential information you need to upgrade and repair PCs, whether you're a hardcore pro or a weekend warrior. All of this information fits nicely in your toolkit, briefcase or backpack and be there to rescue you when you're out of your office and away from your trusty copy of Upgrading and Repairing PCs. Use the connector quick reference section to identify most any connector or port you run across while servicing PCs out in the wild! Who says detailed coverage must come in a big package? This diminutive book makes up for its tiny size by providing you with a level of detail that exceeds that found in some bigger (in size and name) competitor books. Hundreds of detailed tables boil down complicated settings, standards and specifications into an easy to read - and easy to find - format. All of this detailed information easily fits in your toolkit, briefcase or book bag-right where you need it!



By Frank Schaeffer
  • Full Title : Portofino
  • Author : Frank Schaeffer
  • Publisher : Da Capo Press
  • ISBN Code : 0786740337
  • Pages : 288
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Calvin is the son of a missionary family, and their trip to Portofino is the highlight of his year. But even in the seductive Italian summer, the Beckers can't really relax. Calvin's father could slip into a Bad Mood and start hurling potted plants at any time. His mother has an embarrassing habit of trying to convert "pagans" on the beach. And his sister Janet has a ski sweater and a miniature Bible in her luggage, just in case the Russians invade and send them to Siberia. His dad says everything is part of God's plan. But this summer, Calvin has some plans of his own ... Portofino is the prequel to the noted trilogy that includes Zermatt. A huge bestseller, Portofino has been translated into seven languages.



By Charles “Tiggie” Peluso
  • Full Title : Tiggie
  • Author : Charles “Tiggie” Peluso
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • ISBN Code : 1440110115
  • Pages : 316
  • Format : Pdf - ePub
  • Language : English

Winner of the IPPY North-East Best Regional Nonfiction Bronze Medal. Tiggie: The Lure and Lore of Commercial Fishing in New England begins more than 30 years ago in a remote cove on Cape Cods Pleasant Bay. Macfarlane, a young marine biologist newly deputized by the Orleans shellfish warden, gathers up her courage to confront one of the Capes crustiest, crankiest commercial fishermen, a local legend named Tiggie Peluso. Its more than a contest between youth and age, or rules and reason, or book knowledge and hard-earned practical experience. Its a clash of two strong wills and two warring cultures a bucolic, rustic Cape Cod that is in the process of changing beyond recognition, and an industry that is losing its past under a tsunami of foreign competition, legalisms and new technology. In Tiggie we hear both their voices. Tiggies personal stories about fishing in the 40s, 50s and 60s are at once poignant, matter-of-fact and haunting in his appreciation of the beauty around him, and reverence for all life, especially in the sea. We meet his crew mates and friends, learn about their idiosyncrasies and their humanness, their struggles to make ends meet, their financial binges in good times. We come to understand their disdain for those who try to regulate what they do, their less-than-perfect relationships with women and, above all, their love of the life they have chosen. Sandy Macfarlane is the author of Rowing Forward, Looking Back, a chronicle of life in a small coastal community bombarded by development pressures. She and Tiggie, now both retired, met regularly at the local coffee shop over several years. Their breakfast conversations and Tiggies stories interweave past and present and the threads of their very different lives. Tiggie is more than a memoir or a how-to book, but it combines the virtues of each. With detailed insights into the catching of fish and moving reflections on the beauty of the rituals, the surroundings, the characters, it captures the moments and the moods of a vanishing way of life.