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Sexism in America

By Barbara J. Berg
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Chicago Review Press
  • Isbn : 9781569763322
  • Pages : 412
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 730
  • File Pdf: sexism-in-america.pdf

Book Summary:

"The news in 2008 was that women had taken huge strides forward. Feminists' decades-long struggle finally seemed to be paying off, not only in boardrooms, classrooms, and kitchens but also at the very top-in presidential politics. But what is the truth behind the headlines? In Sexism in America: Alive, Well, and Ruining Our Future, renowned feminist author Barbara J. Berg debunks the many myths about how far women have come and the pervasive belief that ours is a post-feminist society. Combining authoritative research and compelling storytelling, Berg traces the assault on women's status from the 1950s-when Newsweek declared "for the American girl, books and babies don't mix"-to the present, exploring the deception about women's progress and contextualizing our current situation. All women are hurt by a society lauding their attributes in speeches while scorning them in public policy and popular culture, and the legacy of the women's movement is being short-circuited in every aspect of their lives. Passionate, extensively documented, humorous, and persuasive, Sexism in America is simultaneously enlightening, frightening, and revitalizing. Berg, an ardent optimist, helps women understand where they are and why and how they can move beyond the marginalizing strategies. It is exactly the right book at exactly the right time"--Provided by publisher.

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Frank Kane's hands-on Spark training course, based on his bestselling Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python video, now available in a book. Understand and analyze large data sets using Spark on a single system or on a cluster. About This Book Understand how Spark can be distributed across computing clusters Develop and run Spark jobs efficiently using Python A hands-on tutorial by Frank Kane with over 15 real-world examples teaching you Big Data processing with Spark Who This Book Is For If you are a data scientist or data analyst who wants to learn Big Data processing using Apache Spark and Python, this book is for you. If you have some programming experience in Python, and want to learn how to process large amounts of data using Apache Spark, Frank Kane's Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python will also help you. What You Will Learn Find out how you can identify Big Data problems as Spark problems Install and run Apache Spark on your computer or on a cluster Analyze large data sets across many CPUs using Spark's Resilient Distributed Datasets Implement machine learning on Spark using the MLlib library Process continuous streams of data in real time using the Spark streaming module Perform complex network analysis using Spark's GraphX library Use Amazon's Elastic MapReduce service to run your Spark jobs on a cluster In Detail Frank Kane's Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python is your companion to learning Apache Spark in a hands-on manner. Frank will start you off by teaching you how to set up Spark on a single system or on a cluster, and you'll soon move on to analyzing large data sets using Spark RDD, and developing and running effective Spark jobs quickly using Python. Apache Spark has emerged as the next big thing in the Big Data domain – quickly rising from an ascending technology to an established superstar in just a matter of years. Spark allows you to quickly extract actionable insights from large amounts of data, on a real-time basis, making it an essential tool in many modern businesses. Frank has packed this book with over 15 interactive, fun-filled examples relevant to the real world, and he will empower you to understand the Spark ecosystem and implement production-grade real-time Spark projects with ease. Style and approach Frank Kane's Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python is a hands-on tutorial with over 15 real-world examples carefully explained by Frank in a step-by-step manner. The examples vary in complexity, and you can move through them at your own pace.


By Bertrand Meyer
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Isbn : 9783319051550
  • Pages : 170
  • Category : Computers
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Are you attracted by the promises of agile methods but put off by the fanaticism of many agile texts? Would you like to know which agile techniques work, which ones do not matter much, and which ones will harm your projects? Then you need Agile!: the first exhaustive, objective review of agile principles, techniques and tools. Agile methods are one of the most important developments in software over the past decades, but also a surprising mix of the best and the worst. Until now every project and developer had to sort out the good ideas from the bad by themselves. This book spares you the pain. It offers both a thorough descriptive presentation of agile techniques and a perceptive analysis of their benefits and limitations. Agile! serves first as a primer on agile development: one chapter each introduces agile principles, roles, managerial practices, technical practices and artifacts. A separate chapter analyzes the four major agile methods: Extreme Programming, Lean Software, Scrum and Crystal. The accompanying critical analysis explains what you should retain and discard from agile ideas. It is based on Meyer’s thorough understanding of software engineering, and his extensive personal experience of programming and project management. He highlights the limitations of agile methods as well as their truly brilliant contributions — even those to which their own authors do not do full justice. Three important chapters precede the core discussion of agile ideas: an overview, serving as a concentrate of the entire book; a dissection of the intellectual devices used by agile authors; and a review of classical software engineering techniques, such as requirements analysis and lifecycle models, which agile methods criticize. The final chapters describe the precautions that a company should take during a transition to agile development and present an overall assessment of agile ideas. This is the first book to discuss agile methods, beyond the brouhaha, in the general context of modern software engineering. It is a key resource for projects that want to combine the best of established results and agile innovations.

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  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Greenleaf Book Group
  • Isbn : 9781626344273
  • Pages : 248
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Reads : 339
  • File Pdf: the-decision-makeover.pdf

Book Summary:

The secret of happy and successful people? Their ability to make good decisions. Changing careers, launching a business, starting a family, buying a home, moving to a new city? How do you know whether you’re making the right decision? In The Decision Makeover, Mike Whitaker offers a thoughtful and strategic approach for choosing wisely in all aspects of your life whether it’s about money, career, education, health, friends, or family. With his background in both business and psychology, he lays out a decision-making process that gives you the power to achieve your dreams. He even explains what to do if you’ve made some poor decisions along the way, so that you can move ahead without regret. Whitaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between small and big decisions, and shows why defining your essential goals is the key to overcoming the roadblocks that can derail your progress. He reveals: • why your next decision could change your life forever • why you make bad decisions • how to avoid self-destructive decision-making • how to proceed confidently toward future decisions Filledwith engaging anecdotes and interactive exercises, The Decision Makeover gives you the tools to finally achieve all that you want. For young people just beginning to make important life decisions, or those who have seen it all and are ready for a “reset,” this timeless book is a must-have for anyone wanting to achieve the maximum success possible through purposeful decision making.

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By Zaid Sabih
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn : 9781788624787
  • Pages : 564
  • Category : Computers
  • Reads : 733
  • File Pdf: learn-ethical-hacking-from-scratch.pdf

Book Summary:

Learn how to hack systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts Key Features Understand how computer systems work and their vulnerabilities Exploit weaknesses and hack into machines to test their security Learn how to secure systems from hackers Book Description This book starts with the basics of ethical hacking, how to practice hacking safely and legally, and how to install and interact with Kali Linux and the Linux terminal. You will explore network hacking, where you will see how to test the security of wired and wireless networks. You’ll also learn how to crack the password for any Wi-Fi network (whether it uses WEP, WPA, or WPA2) and spy on the connected devices. Moving on, you will discover how to gain access to remote computer systems using client-side and server-side attacks. You will also get the hang of post-exploitation techniques, including remotely controlling and interacting with the systems that you compromised. Towards the end of the book, you will be able to pick up web application hacking techniques. You'll see how to discover, exploit, and prevent a number of website vulnerabilities, such as XSS and SQL injections. The attacks covered are practical techniques that work against real systems and are purely for educational purposes. At the end of each section, you will learn how to detect, prevent, and secure systems from these attacks. What you will learn Understand ethical hacking and the different fields and types of hackers Set up a penetration testing lab to practice safe and legal hacking Explore Linux basics, commands, and how to interact with the terminal Access password-protected networks and spy on connected clients Use server and client-side attacks to hack and control remote computers Control a hacked system remotely and use it to hack other systems Discover, exploit, and prevent a number of web application vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injections Who this book is for Learning Ethical Hacking from Scratch is for anyone interested in learning how to hack and test the security of systems like professional hackers and security experts.

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By Keith Rollag
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AMACOM
  • Isbn : 9780814434901
  • Pages : 240
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reads : 983
  • File Pdf: what-to-do-when-you-re-new.pdf

Book Summary:

Whether you’re changing jobs, joining a group, or moving to a new city, putting yourself out there in new situations is no picnic. Being forced to introduce yourself . . . Having to ask questions among strangers . . . Learning expectations of those around you--it’s not fun for anyone! But when we let our worries stop us from getting familiar with our surroundings and learning the dos and don’ts of our new environment, we seriously hinder our progress, our joy, and the many exciting opportunities that await us.What to Do When You're New combines the author's research and firsthand experience from having to adjust to a job transfer to Japan with that of leading scientists to explain why we are so uneasy in new situations--and how we can learn to become more confident and successful newcomers. With practice, anyone can learn the necessary skills to learn how to:• Overcome fears• Make great first impressions• Talk to strangers with ease• Get up to speed quickly• Connect with people wherever you goBlending stories and insights with simple techniques and exercises, this invaluable guide for the introvert will get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things in no time.

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This integrated learning solution teaches all the Oracle PL/SQL skills you need, hands-on, through real-world labs, extensive examples, exercises, and projects! Completely updated for Oracle 11g, Oracle PL/SQL by Example , Fourth Edition covers all the fundamentals, from PL/SQL syntax and program control through packages and Oracle 11g’s significantly improved triggers. One step at a time, you’ll walk through every key task, discovering the most important PL/SQL programming techniques on your own. Building on your hands-on learning, the authors share solutions that offer deeper insights and proven best practices. End-of-chapter projects bring together all the techniques you’ve learned, strengthening your understanding through real-world practice. This book’s approach fully reflects the authors’ award-winning experience teaching PL/SQL programming to professionals at Columbia University. New database developers and DBAs can use its step-by-step instructions to get productive fast; experienced PL/SQL programmers can use this book as a practical solutions reference. Coverage includes • Mastering basic PL/SQL concepts and general programming language fundamentals, and understanding SQL’s role in PL/SQL • Using conditional and iterative program control techniques, including the new CONTINUE and CONTINUE WHEN statements • Efficiently handling errors and exceptions • Working with cursors and triggers, including Oracle 11g’s powerful new compound triggers • Using stored procedures, functions, and packages to write modular code that other programs can execute • Working with collections, object-relational features, native dynamic SQL, bulk SQL, and other advanced PL/SQL capabilities • Handy reference appendices: PL/SQL formatting guide, sample database schema, ANSI SQL standards reference, and more

The Persistence of Gender Inequality

By Mary Evans
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : 9780745689951
  • Pages : 200
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 308
  • File Pdf: the-persistence-of-gender-inequality.pdf

Book Summary:

Despite centuries of campaigning, women still earn less and have less power than men. Equality remains a goal not yet reached. In this incisive account of why this is the case, Mary Evans argues that optimistic narratives of progress and emancipation have served to obscure long-term structural inequalities between women and men, structural inequalities which are not only about gender but also about general social inequality. In widening the lenses on the persistence of gender inequality, Evans shows how in contemporary debates about social inequality gender is often ignored, implicitly side-lining critical aspects of relations between women and men. This engaging short book attempts to join up some of the dots in the ways that we think about both social and gender inequality, and offers a new perspective on a problem that still demands society’s full attention.